Crochet Chanel Rose Bouquet


The black and white color scheme of this crochet bouquet creates an ultimate minimalist feel, paired with ribbons to create a small fragrance. You can give it as a gift to your friends. Made entirely by hand crochet, never withering.

Bouquet-Rose 1

The Chanel Rose crochet bouquet is a beautiful piece that exudes elegance and class. The black and white color choice gives the arrangement a sleek and minimalist air, while the ribbons provide a touch of softness and daintiness.

crochet flower bouquet-pink rose|hookok

Bouquet-Rose 2

This stunning Crochet Bouquet-Pink Garden is a great addition to your home look or a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. The bouquet contains little daisypink glass rose,lavenders,myosotis,calla lily,galsang flower, all 100% handmade with yarn.

crochet flower bouquet-only you|hookok

Bouquet-Rose 3

The Crochet Flower Bouquet-only you unique design makes it stand out among other traditional bouquets. The bouquet comprises green glass rose,calla lilies,galsang flower,myosotis.
it‘s not only visually appealing but also symbolic of the secret romance in life. making it a perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or any other special occasion.

crochet blue rose bouquet|hookok

Bouquet-Rose 4

This bouquet of carefully created blue flowers suggests the ocean’s depths.this crochet blue rose bouquet comprises blue glass rose,white galsang flowers,blue and white calla lilys,myosotis.

crochet bouquet-caramel macchiato|hookok

Bouquet-Rose 5

The crochet bouquet-caramel macchiato comprises brown glass roses,myosotis,galsang flowers.This bouquet’s color scheme and distinctive style make it the ideal present for coffee lovers looking to spruce up their home or place of business.

Bouquet-Rose 6

This exquisite crochet bouquet-cheese yellow combines yellow glass roses,galsang flower,tulips,myosotis.With its rich color and lovely blossoms that will capture your heart.

crochet flower bouquet-calla lily rose|hookok

Bouquet-Rose 7

This Crochet Bouquet-Sweet Date is a great addition to your home look or a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. The bouquet contains pink glass rose,calla lily , myosotisand gal sang flowers, all 100% handmade with yarn.

Bouquet-Rose 8

This beautiful Pink Rose crochet bouquet adds style and beauty to your home decor. The combination of pink roses and calla lilies symbolizes elegance, sophistication, beauty, and grace in a relationship.

Bouquet-Rose 9

The Waltz Princess crochet bouquet is a true work of art that will captivate your heart. The beautiful pink Thai Rose is the bouquet’s centerpiece, and artificial eucalyptus completes the look.

Crochet Bouquet-Autumn Love|hookok

Bouquet-Rose 10

Our handmade crochet bouquet Autumn Love is a perfect representation of the beauty of autumn. This bouquet comprises delicately crafted red roses,red palm,red tulip,cotton,black calla lily and golden leaves, making it an ideal gift for a loved one or any romantic occasion.

Crochet Bouquet-Broken Ice Blue|hookok

Bouquet-Rose 11

This Broken Ice Blue Crochet Bouquet will provide peace, tranquility, and kindness to any environment with its cool, relaxing colors.The bouquet includes white lilies of the valley, white daisies, blue calla lilies, blue glass rosescommon rosecorn poppiesmyosotis and two big leaves.

Crochet Bouquet-Pink Beauty|hookok

Bouquet-Rose 12

Pink Beauty crochet bouquet is a delicate and romantic floral arrangement that can add beauty and charm to any setting. This crochet bouquet is made of crocheted pink glass rose, and leaves, resulting in a gorgeous display that is soft and dancing like a pink beauty.

Bouquet-Rose 13

The Crochet Bouquet-Simple Happiness is ideal for any occasion. This bouquet includes one Thai rose and one gal-sang flower, together with green leaves and myosotis embellishments.

Crochet Bouquet-Spring Whisper|hookok

Bouquet-Rose 14

The Spring Whisper crochet bouquet is a beautiful and elegant arrangement that celebrates the arrival of spring. This stunning bouquet combines calla liliesgal-sang flowersrosesconvallaria majalis, and myosotis in shades of purple and white, beautifully accented with green mint leaves.

Bouquet-Rose 15

The Sunset Dusk bouquet is a stunning arrangement that captures the beauty and warmth of a sunset. This bouquet combines red and brown roses and white calla lily,red palm,and pinecone creating a beautiful contrast of colors and textures.

Crochet Rose Bouquet – Rose Love|hookok

Bouquet-Rose 16

With its rich color and lovely blossoms that will capture your heart, our stunning Crochet Rose Bouquet – Rose Love, is a gorgeous bouquet that is the ideal way to convey your sentiments on any special occasion.

This exquisite hand-crocheted bouquet combines a pink glass rosepink myosotiswhite myosotispink pawnpink loving heart, and a purple loving heart, representing love. 


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