HOOKOK Bouquet – Crochet Pink Sunflower Bouquet (7 pieces)


Beautiful crochet sunflower bouquets for sale. Wonderful choice as gift for friends, birthday, graduation, daughter, and so on. wool yarn double-layer petals sunflower bouquet

100% hand-made crochet sunflower bouquet. (size:40×20×10cm)

This dark pink sunflower is made of wool yarn.

This color also brings warmth, so we opted for a style more suited to fall and winter. With brown rose, ge-sang flower, cotton, and green pinecone, olive branch, and leaf, the overall color is darker, and the pink sunflower is a splash of color. For the packaging color we chose the original wood color paper, which matches perfectly with the overall style.

If you want personalized bouquet or special color, leave us a message or contact for customized orders.

Dark Pink Sunflower Bouquet

  • 1 dark pink sunflower
  • 1 cotton branch
  • 1 brown rose
  • 1 brown ge-sang flower
  • 1 green pine cone
  • 1 olive branch
  • 1 small leaf

dark pink


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