Crochet Bouquet-Pink Bubble


This pink bouquet contains a crocheted Thai rose, a pink heart, pink champions, and myosotis in pink and white. Its attractive color matching and intricate stitches make it quite an excellent choice for ornaments or to show your love. All materials are 100% handmade with yarn.

The exquisite and handcrafted crochet bouquet Pink Bubble is a lovely floral arrangement ideal for declaring your love or serving as a pleasant accent. This crochet bouquet features a crocheted Thai rose, a pink heart, pink champions, and a pink and white myosotis to create an eye-catching and lovely arrangement.

This bouquet is ideal for any event because of its delicate pink and white color combination and beautiful crochet stitches. Add a touch of sophistication to your home or impress someone special with this unique gift suitable for any occasion. 

Order yours right away to add some charm and sophistication to your life.


with wrapper, without wrapper


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