Crochet Lily Bouquet


Collection of crochet lily bouquet. The macaron-style color combination bouquet will transport you into a sweet dream and comfort. Choose from our ideas with various colors or matches well with other flowers, such as daisy, calla lily, Gesang flower and more.

This is our hand-crafted crochet lily bouquet collection. Our crochet lily are made with high quality cotton yarn with a lovely touch feeling and cozy looking.

We provide a wide choice to match from rose, calla lily, lavender and other flowers.

If you want something unique personalized bouquet or want a special color, leave us a message or contact us for customized orders.

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Number 1: Thai Rose Lily Bouquet

  • Main flower: 1 Thai rose, 1 pink and ice cream lily
  • Secondary Flower: 1 white calla lily
  • Accent Flower: 1 white Tung oil flower
  • Filler Flower: 1 multi-head rose, 1 strawberry
  • Greenery: 1 large leaf

Check Video: Thai Rose Lily Bouquet

Number 2: Yellow Rose Lily Bouquet

  • Main flower: 2 yellow rose, 1 orange lily
  • Secondary Flower: 3 multi-head rose
  • Filler Flower: 1 gesang flower
  • Greenery: 1 green large leaf, 1 Eucalyptus leaf

Check Video: Yellow Rose Lily Bouquet

Number 3: Pink Lily Bouquet

  • Main flower: 1 pink lily
  • Secondary Flower: 1 white tulip,
  • Filler Flower: 1 pink multi-head rose, 2 pink forget me not
  • Greenery: 1 long leaf

Check Video: Pink Lily Bouquet

Number 4: Purple Lily Bouquet

  • Main flower: 1 purple lily
  • Secondary Flower: 1 purple daffodils, 2 stuffed tulips, 2 open tulips, 1 purple daisy
  • Accent Flower: 1 purple freesia
  • Filler Flower: 1 purple and 2 yellow forgot me not
  • Greenery: 1 fren leaf, 1 monstera leaf

Check Video: Purple Lily Bouquet


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