Crochet Sunflower Kits


This is Our beginner-friendly sunflower crochet kits, we have two options – wool yarn kits and cotton yarn kits. with this kit, you can make 2/3 sunflowers. We also provide easy-to-follow crochet sunflower free patterns and video tutorials.

Make your first crochet sunflower today!

Our beginner-friendly sunflower crochet kits have two options – wool yarn kits and cotton yarn kits .

wool yarn kit contain wool yarn, 6 stems, and other accessories. You can make 1pink and 1 dark pink sunflowers to form a bouquet.

cotton yarn kit contain cotton yarn, 9 stems, and other accessories. We have a variety of color combinations to choose from. You can make 3 different colored sunflowers.

You can further wrap them as a bouquet or match them with a middle-height vase as decoration for your room.

sunflower crochet kits|hookok

sunflower crochet kits|hookok

Crochet Sunflower Kits

  • Yarn – cotton yarn or wool yarn (two options)
  • Darning needle- 1 pc
  • Stitch marker-5 pcs
  • Hot melt adhesive- 1 pc
  • iron wire – 0.5 mm diameter
  • Flower stem
  • cotton stuffing

We have both written pattern and video showing the process of how to crochet the sunflower at home.

Video for crochet sunflower

This is our video for crochet sunflower. We will guide you every step to make sure you can finish well made sunflower.

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1 pink+1 dark pink(wool yarn), 2 yellow+1 green, 2 yellow+1 pink, 1 pink+1 yellow+1 green


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