PDF Pattern-Fleabane Flower


This is our PDF pattern for crochet Fleabane Flower. And we also provide video tutorial for you to follow. With the help of beginner-friendly pattern, you can crochet your own beautiful sunflowers. DIY crochet flower at home, crochet beginner patterns.

This PDF pattern of crochet Fleabane Flower is simple, beginner-friendly design; you do not need advanced skill levels to make them. You must know the basic crochet stitches and the ability to add wire to a crochet project. The PDF patterns come with a detailed video tutorial to guide you through the crocheting process. Happy crocheting!

Materials Needed:

    • Premium Yarn: Soft, durable, and in the perfect hues to replicate the natural charm of crochet flower.
    • Specialized Hook: Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, ensuring seamless crafting sessions.
    • Iron Wire: Malleable yet sturdy, it gives the perfect structure to your crochet flowers, making them stand tall and proud.
    • Flower Rod: for assembling your bouquet, giving it a professional, cohesive look.
    • Hot Melt Glue: for assembling the flowers.


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