HOOKOK Bouquet – Crochet Halloween Bouquet (Pre-order)


This is our special crochet bouquet for Halloween. With cute ghosts, bats, evil, pumpkins, and beautiful flowers, this bouquet is a wonderful choice as decoration or gift for Halloween. Made of fluorescent yarns, they can glow green light in the dark.

This is our 100% hand-crafted crochet bouquet for Halloween. (size:35×20×10cm) It’s for pre-order, we will ship the bouquet from 10th October.

If you want personalized bouquet or special color, leave us a message or contact for customized orders.

The original significance of Halloween was to praise the fall, offer sacrifices to the deceased, and pray for peace.

Now what do we think of when we mention Halloween? Of course it’s pumpkins, bats, ghosts, witches, candy, devil costumes and masks.

This special crochet bouquet includes some of these classic Halloween elements-pumpkins, ghosts, bats, and demons-with androsace, anemone and some leaves, making it perfect as a decoration or gift during the Halloween season.

Most noteworthy, to better characterize the Halloween atmosphere, we crocheted them with fluorescent yarns, so they will glow green in the dark! They are cute little ghosts during the day when the light is bright. But at night or in the dark, you can see them fluttering in the wind. Trick or treat~~~

Halloween Bouquet

  • 2 pumpkin branches
  • 1 evil ball
  • 4 andresace
  • 1 little ghost lily of the valley (3 little ghosts)
  • 1 bat
  • 1 anemone
  • 4 leaves


Devil pumpkin


Little ghost lily of the valley



crochet bouquet

Halloween Bouquet


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