Daisy and Gesang Flower Bouquet Kit


Our flower bouquet kits include all the tools and yarns you need to crochet this daisy and gesang flower bouquet, very friendly for even beginner. In addition, we will offer you free patterns (a printed book and PDF) and video tutorial of the flowers. DIY crochet flower at home, crochet beginner kit.

This is a all in one daisy and gesang flower bouquet kit. With this one, you can crochet 4 daisies, 4 gesang flowers, 1 fleabane, 2 calla lily, 1monstare feaf, and 1 four season leaf.

We make a perfect color match to make your handmade crochet bouquet outstanding.  Light purple, pink, purple and middle colors will make the bouquet more vivid.  Unlike simply color bouquets, well matched color looks much prettier.


What’s Inside:

  • Premium Yarn: Soft, durable, and in the perfect hues to replicate the natural charm of tulips and gesang flowers.
  • Specialized Hook: Ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, ensuring seamless crafting sessions.
  • Iron Wire: Malleable yet sturdy, it gives the perfect structure to your crochet flowers, making them stand tall and proud.
  • Flower Rod: for assembling your bouquet, giving it a professional, cohesive look.
  • Hot Melt Glue: for assembling the flowers.
  • Fiberfill: Fill in the buds and cores to make them more three-dimensional.
  • Printed Patterns
  • Downloadable PDF Patterns

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