HOOKOK Bouquet – Crochet King Protea Bouquet (16 pieces)


Beautiful Crochet King Protea Bouquet for sale. This is a Wonderful choice as gift for friends, birthday, graduation, daughter, and so on. Our high quality cozy crochet bouquet is a perfect crochet gift. Suitable for any occasion, such as weddings, anniversaries, New year, Christmas gift and more.

Beautiful Crochet King Protea Bouquet Just For You!

King Protea are among the most beautiful flowers on earth! It’s even more satisfying to make them into crochet bouquet that become timeless flowers. The crochet King Protea flower’s unique appearance is often perceived as a symbol of idiosyncratic beauty, individuality, and courage to stay true to oneself.

We chose white calla lilies, light green tulips, light yellow small roses, fleabane flower, and some green leaves to match this bouquet. So the bouquet’s overall style is refreshing and natural, perfect as gift for friends or birthdays. it complement to any room’s decor or special event. such as weddings, anniversaries, New Year and more.

If you want personalized bouquet or special color, leave us a message or contact for  customized order .

It contains the following components:

  • Main flower: 1 King Protea flower
  • Secondary Flower: 4 tulips, 3 white calla lilies
  • Accent Flower: 1 fleabane flower
  • Filler Flower: 1 light yellow small rose
  • Greenery: 1 green and 1 light yellow four seasons leaves, 2 big leaves, long leaf, 1 turtle leaf



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