HOOKOK Table Flower – Crochet King Protea Flower


Stunning Crochet King Protea Flower For Sale. Wonderful choice as decoration in a vase on the table. make your living room, study, bedroom and studio more beautiful. Our exquisite and lifelike crochet king protea flower is a perfect home decor flower.

Our Crochet King Proteas symbolize diversity, due to the hundreds of variations in color and shape found within their genus. They come in various colors of purple, white and gold. If you want personalized bouquet or special color, leave us a message or contact for  customized order.

Crochet King Protea|hookok

King Protea Flower

King Proteas are among the most beautiful flowers on earth! It’s even more satisfying to make them into crochet flowers that become timeless flowers. king proteas are also an emblem of longevity. Flower petals are stiff and tapered and are light green colored on the bottom and then become light yellow or yellow nearer to the top. The king protea flowers are prized for their beauty and are often used in flower arrangements.

The primary symbolic meanings of the crochet king protea flower are strength, courage, and resilience since the plant survives in extreme climate conditions. The crochet flower’s unique appearance is often perceived as a symbol of idiosyncratic beauty, individuality, and courage to stay true to oneself.


Beautiful Crochet King Protea Flower Decorate Your Home

This is our 100% hand-made crochet king protea flower. With exquisite stitching and careful crochet making it a perfect handicraft. it complement to any room’s decor or special event. such as weddingsbirthdaysanniversaries, and more.

This is a wonderful choice as decoration in a vase on the table, in your living roomstudybedroom, or studio. You can gift crochet flower to loversfriends and family members. It is a perfect choice home decor flower.

Crochet King Protea|hookok

Yellow King Protea Flower


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