Crochet Bouquet-Spring Whisper


The calla lily, gal-sang flower, and rose in purple, convallaria majalis and myosotis in white, and green mint leaves compose this bouquet. The simple but meaningful color combination makes it like the ringing bell in the early spring and a good choice for any occasion. 100% handmade with yarn.

Crochet Bouquet-Spring Whisper|hookok

The Spring Whisper crochet bouquet is a beautiful and elegant arrangement that celebrates the arrival of spring. This stunning bouquet combines calla lilies, gal-sang flowers, roses, convallaria majalis, and myosotis in shades of purple and white, beautifully accented with green mint leaves.

This bouquet’s color combination is simple yet meaningful, evoking the fresh and vibrant spirit of the season. The use of bright and cheerful colors, such as yellow, pink, and green, brings a sense of warmth and energy to the arrangement. This bouquet is a beautiful and thoughtful way to spread happiness and positivity, embodying the season’s spirit in a simple yet powerful way.

Crafted entirely by hand with yarn, this crochet bouquet is a true work of art that showcases the skill and talent of its maker. The intricate details and delicate patterns create a beautiful and timeless design.

Whether celebrating the beginning of spring or simply looking to add elegance to your space, the Crochet Bouquet – Spring Whisper is a must-have.


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