HOOKOK Bouquet – Tulip and Gesang Flower (12 pieces)


Beautiful crochet tulip and gesang flower bouquet for sale. Wonderful choice as gift for friends, birthday, graduation, daughter, festivals.

100% hand-made crochet tulip and gesang flower bouquet

If you want personalized bouquet or special color, leave us a message or contact for customized orders.

Crochet Tulip and Gesang Flower Bouquet – Brilliant Sunshine

We think yellow tulips are one of the happiest flowers around and they even have a meaning of cheerfulness and hope! Victorian’s even believe that yellow tulips meant “there’s sunshine in your smile” which is just too adorable.

In Tibetan, “Gesang” stands for “happiness“, so it is often used by people to express good wishes. A cluster of blooming gesang flowers will add beauty and vibrancy to your life.

This bouquet as a gift can definitely bring a smile to her face and let her have a good mood all day.

  • 3 white tulip
  • 3 orange tulip
  • 3 white gesang flower
  • 3 yellow gesang flower
  • 1 orange gesang flower

We also have crochet gesang flowers that are not packaged in bouquets, you can buy them as decoration. It’s a wonderful choice as decoration in a vase on the table. They will make your living room, study, bedroom and studio more beautiful. HOOKOK Table Flower – Crochet Gesang Flower – Hookok




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