HOOKOK Table Flower – Crochet Gesang Flower


crochet gesang flowers for sale, wonderful choice as decoration in a vase on the table. make your living room, study, bedroom and studio more beautiful

100% hand-made crochet gesang flowers-table flower

If you want personalized bouquet or special color, leave us a message or contact for customized orders.


Gesang Flower

In Tibetan, “Gesang” stands for “happiness“, so it can also be called Xingfu flower, often used by people to express good wishes.

It looks weak on the surface, but it is very strong actually. It has tenacious vitality and can withstand the impact of wind and rain.

And it is a spiritual symbol in the hearts of people on the plateau. It is a kind of sustenance, implying strength, happiness and auspiciousness.

Crochet Gesang Table Flower

A cluster of blooming gesang flowers will add beauty and vibrancy to your life. It can not only decorate your living room, study, bedroom, office, but also make you have a good mood.

We offer 2 options. One is only composed of 8 gesang flowers, white, yellow, and orange. Another adds 1 pink, 1 green, and 2 white leaves as accent, totally 12.



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