HOOKOK Bouquet – Crochet Red Rose Bouquet (11 pieces)


Stunning crochet red rose bouquet. This is an ideal gift for girlfriends, birthdays, and mother’s day. Our high quality cozy crochet is a perfect crochet gift. Suitable for any occasion, as weddings, Valentine’s day and more.




crochet red rose bouquet|hookok

Beautiful Crochet Flower Bouquet Just For You!

This is our 100% hand-made crochet bouquet. This bouquet comprises delicately crafted red rose, Gesang flower, baby’s breath, and green leaf, making it an ideal gift for a loved one or any romantic occasion.

The intense red color of the roses gives the bouquet a passionate and intense feeling, while the green leaves add a touch of nature and sophistication.

The fancy black packaging and exquisite roses make this crochet bouquet perfect for a romantic occasion such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or a wedding gift. It will add elegance and charm to any space, despite where you display the bouquet.

Bouquet sizes: 13.8 inch long, 7.88 inch wide, 3.94 inch high. ( 35cm × 20cm ×10cm )

Check to see which one you are interested. Or you can place customized order from us.


Bouquet – Crochet Red Rose

The intense red color of this red rose bouquet is an expression of passion and love. It contains the following components:

  • Main flower: 4 red rose, 3 red gesang flower
  • Filler Flower: 1 red and 2 black baby’s breath
  • Greenery: 1 four-season green leaf
crochet red rose bouquet|hookok

Red rose bouquet


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